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Find the right tool to develop your iOS application fast, simple, and cheap!

Discover what are the most prominent and functional applications used in the UK and the USA.


When someone’s talking about application development, most of us imagine a bunch of people who don’t sleep for nights and are constantly working to implement the required features on time. However, there is quite a wide variety of options where you don’t actually need to hire a full-stack development team, engineers, or testers to produce your own idea. In fact, these digital constructors were created to give full freedom of actions for anyone with a burning desire for creating your business product. Obviously, they vary depending on the requirements and goals that you want to accomplish. In this article, we’d like to cover and compare the most popular digital app builders of the UK & US.

UK Based Apps


The first app builder is an “Appy Pie”, a unique mobile development platform built and designed to make a mobile app fast with no coding involved. You can build pretty much any application with a variety of tools for any SMB necessary needs, like restaurants, online shops, bookstores, etc.


The process is fairly easy to understand as all you actually need to do is choose the category of business the app is going to serve, design options to customize them according to your own vision and style. After that, simply add the core feature components with a drag-and-drop window with many base functionalities that you might need. For example, you can add chatbots for an automatic support system of your services or you can integrate a panel with your social platforms. Additionally, the Appy Pie has a large number of educational videos to assist you during the pre-processes before you actually publish it on AppStore or Google Play.


Key Things to note:

  • Designed for small businesses
  • 3-Step App Builder
  • Educational Base


Another quite popular app builder is called “Appian”. As the vast majority of other app builders, it has a “low code” policy, however, its major goal is to allow complex operations to be simple, in order for the data to be managed more easily.


Most of the applications are being developed by large enterprise businesses with automatic data optimization and AI. This is done for all the information to be presented in a structured and organized way. And for providing more insight opportunities, like operation processes, workflows, and more, you can orchestrate the data and unify it from multiple sources.


When the app is finally finished, it can be saved as a native app for Android or iOS or you have the option to save it as a web app.


Key Things to note:

  • Designed for enterprises
  • Unified building process
  • Visual Editor


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USA Based

Appery is an American app builder solution created specifically for team development, as it allows you to share your current project and work on it with several developers at the same time.


The platform itself is a cloud-hosted one, one can use any browser to start the work on an Android or iOS app without unnecessary downloads. With the visual editor and a flexible UI drag-and-drop system, you can create any app you want with an automatic generation of code for each created component.  Additionally, it gives you an option to integrate any kind of available REST API, with the optional connection of a back-end system or even a database to store the necessary data.    


Some of the key features that this app builder provides are Apache Cordova (Phone Gap), Ionic, jQuery Mobile with access to its built-in components, and a whole library of various plugins for your project with an option to build your own.


Key Things to note:

  • Sharing the project and developing an app with your team
  • Embedded plugins & Lots of functionalities
  • Visual Edition


This the platform that provides only practical and visual experience with no coding involved for your business. It is mainly hosted on your own cloud data in spreadsheets, where you can actually choose to set up the necessary features you’d like to add.


One of the key and most important features it provides is the integration of 3-d party services. The list includes, but not limited to Google Office Suite, SalesForce, Dropbox, OneDrive, and import of SQL sheets from your database or directly from your server. Additionally, you can easily add maps, signature capture, email notification, and many other functionalities included.


Another great advantage of this service is that there is no charge for developing the app whatsoever, since it only charges $5 per user that uses your app, after 10 free ones.


Key Things to note:

  • Designed for small & medium businesses
  • 3d-party apps integration (Office Suite, Dropbox, etc.)
  • No charge for developing an app (only for active users)


Mobile Roadie

Mobile Roadie is a visual app constructor for any iOS or Android-related platforms, that supports the vast majority of various media files, import from social platforms, RSS, and an automatic fan wall to communicate with the active users. It is a pretty manageable and convenient builder to use for building your own brand since you are actually communicating with your audience from the base.


Apart from the previously described features, Mobile Roadie allows you to pull the data from different programming language formats, like PHP, XML, JSON, HTML, and CSV. Also, you can send out the push notifications from your own services, like your website or via the builder itself.


In order to actually see and feel the developed app, you can do so via the builder’s back-end system as you would see it on any other mobile device. Additionally, the Mobile Roadie will guide you through online store submissions and analyze your app to detect any issues with the appropriateness of your content.


Key Things to note:

  • Designed for building brands
  • Support various programming languages imports
  • Guidance for Online Store submissions

The Final Results

As you have seen, it is indeed true that developing an app is truly not hard, even with no skills in computer coding. Although each of them is focused on different enterprise scopes that might not be suitable or convenient for your business needs. And here comes the questions: “If you say that I can’ fully satisfy all of my requirements, then how can I do it?”. Well, you can start off by developing an app by yourself with the provided range of different app builders to see how it will actually look like and analyze what sort of other functions you would like to add. After that, just hit us up about your idea and show us your prototype, we’ll be glad to assist you and make your life easier by developing a platform that will return you a stable revenue!

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