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10 Must have features necessary for your Food Delivery App

When you’re hungry, an app like UberEats, GrubHub, or Zomato can be your savior. These on-demand delivery food apps are making our lives easier. When people are busy throughout the day, they find it difficult to find spare time to cook at home. It is therefore not surprising that on-demand online food order app giants saw an opportunity there and entered the market, (by making an app) to deliver piping hot favorite foods at your door.

But they are not the only ones — a lot of startups are coming up to experiment with the market

and take advantage of the high demand time. If you are also wondering how to make a food delivery app, this guide is for you. We will tell you everything that you need to know to make your food ordering app — that is unique, has a market need, and rakes high in Revenue.

So What Features Does Your Food Delivery App Need?

It is important to have amazing features in your app that helps in retaining customers if you

want to make marketable apps.

But what features do you need?

While researching how to make a food delivery app, make sure to plan out the features for your app. Once you have figured out the features for your custom food delivery app, you can make sure that your app appears different and unique when compared to all similar apps available on the market.


 Your food delivery app should have a registration feature. Thanks to this feature users can make a profile on the app. With a profile, they can make the most of the app and use everything it offers. Make sure you have a signup feature not only for customer apps but also for both the admin and the delivery person app.

 Profile Management

Thanks to this feature, your users can optimize their profile with the right information, which is

important for order placement and delivery. The profile management is even more important for the admin app. The restaurants should have their own profile and be able to update it regularly. As for the delivery person app, they should register and manage their profile with the right credentials. Being the employees of the food delivery platform, they need to provide the employer with the proper details through their profiles.

Easy Search Option

Don’t forget to implement the feature of easy searching in your app. Because no one likes

to spend extra time searching for food when they are hungry. With the intuitive search tool, the users can search for the right restaurant on your app promptly, making the order placement easy and quick, saving the time of the users and saving them from hunger as well.

Easy List For Easy Order

This is going to be a distinctive feature that can highlight your app. You can create a list of restaurants based on their location, type of cuisine, basically all the different variables. Thanks to this feature the user can find a list of the restaurant fit for their cravings easily.

Preferences On The Homepage

Showing the user preferred restaurants and cuisines on the homepage is a nice feature that will keep the users hooked to your app. This is not only going to make it easy for them to make their choice but save their time as well.

How to Make a Food Delivery App With Order Tracking

 Once that order is placed, it’s a matter of waiting. But of course, customers should not be

kept waiting too long, especially when they are hungry. Any custom food app should have an order tracking feature. With the help of these features, the customer will be able to see when their order is being dispatched and its delivery progress. They can also get an estimated time on when the order will be delivered. After all, tracking the food while waiting is better than blindly waiting.

Easy Payment Gateway Integration

 This can be done in two ways. Apart from cash on delivery, you can keep the credit/debit card option as an online payment mode. This is the easiest way of receiving payment. It’s safe too.

Currently, most of the customers prefer the online payment method, so make sure while you make a food delivery app, you have multiple online payment options. Achieve it with options like Stripe, CCAvenue, etc. So do not divert your attention from the development.

 Ratings And Reviews

 The customer ratings and reviews are important and need to be displayed on the app. Using ratings and reviews feature, customers can leave reviews on the restaurants listed on the website, the different food they have ordered, and the delivery services. This feature helps the app users to choose the right place to get their food from. In turn, the restaurants and the food delivery platform can generate an understanding of where they can improve the service.

Offers, Coupons, Rewards and Loyalty Benefits

Customers are keen on special offers and coupons, especially when it comes to food. Make sure you have plenty of offers and coupons for the users. These special offers are going to increase customer loyalty and bring in more users.  A special collaboration with the restaurants will allow you to offer attractive discount programs to the users, who in turn will become loyal customers to the restaurants, and your app.

 Push Notifications

 The push notification is a crucial aspect of a mobile app. Thanks to this feature the users can find out about special offers going on or where their food is. You also shouldn’t go too far by bombarding the users with annoying notifications all the time. Let them choose what notifications they want to see and when they want to see it. This is another step that will add another layer of user satisfaction to your app experience.

Another feature you need to consider for all your other models of apps is an

admin app and the delivery person’s app.

How Much A Food Delivery App Development Costs?

After learning all about a food delivery app features, you must be thinking – how much is it going to cost? To calculate that you have to just multiply the number of hours with the hourly rate.

[App Development Cost = Total Number Of Hours * Hourly Rate]

The cost of a food development app depends on the features you want to incorporate. It’s evident that the more features you have the greater your app would cost. All your expenses would go down the drain if your users don’t like your app.

When you make a food delivery app, you also need to define the nature of your app. Should it be a Native, Web, or Hybrid app – everything will eventually determine the

pricing. And yes, don’t forget to choose the right developer (like Jetruby) for your app.

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